Contracting Services

Our Special Projects & Trades Division has a history of performing under pressure. We employ a significant amount of highly trained and talented Red Seal Carpenters. This means we self-perform all aspects of carpentry, including formwork, rough carpentry and finishes. This allows us to control our production in terms of schedule and quality while maintaining an absolute advantage. It makes all the difference to our clients when we can expedite schedules while ensuring a high quality product, all within budget.

As General Contractors, we can provide competitive fixed price tenders to our clients in both the public and private sector.

We have also worked as Construction Managers for our clients, representing them and ensuring costs are kept to a minimum, managing sub trades and the construction process, while keeping the project on schedule.

If it can be built, we have likely built it.

General Contracting

SitkaWest provides competitive fixed price tenders in both the public and private sector. As a General Contractor, we are responsible for the overall coordination of a project. We have provided general contracting services in many different sectors including:

Construction Management

SitkaWest always has an incentive to maximize value and deliver on your goals.

At SitkaWest our construction management services are a contract with the owner for a fixed fee. This fee replaces the lump sum a general contractor would charge to cover their overhead and profit. Our project manager draws up plans and procures the resources necessary in a collaborative and open-book fashion. Actual costs are accumulated competitively and visibly, and when the project is complete, the owner pays only those costs plus the construction manager’s fee.

For best results on your schedule and budget a construction manager should be brought on board earlier in the project, before a design has been finalized or costs can be fully estimated in detail.

Have a project you want managed by a construction manager?
From pre-construction to close out, we can take you through the process.

Special Projects & Trades Division

SitkaWest has an established history of taking on large scopes of technically and logistically challenging projects. We have our own in-house teams of talented Red Seal Carpenters and self-perform almost all aspects of carpentry including formwork, rough carpentry and finishing.